Embracing change allows transformation.

Embracing change allows transformation.

change allows transformation.

How Can I Help You?

I am your go-to HR Expert and Systems Strategist. I create systems that optimize businesses for growth and expansion. I have been in the Human Resources field for 4 + years. My HR specialty is creating a recruitment strategy, creating on-boarding systems, and management training. I love planning and executing employee engagement activities, events, and retreats in order to foster culture, diversity & inclusion, and a warm work environment. 

I was a Virtual Assistant for 2 years, I was able to help busy entrepreneurs and established business owners handle their back end operations seamlessly. Now, I provide a Virtual Staffing Service for clients who are needing a high performance Virtual Assistant, Project Manager or Virtual Business Manager. 
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Offering Transformation to Businesses through Human Resources and Systems, by providing HR expertise and systems strategy to optimize your business for expansion and growth. I believe it is essential to have systems in place before hiring a team and having processes that will be beneficial to your business for years to come.

Virtual Staffing

Looking for a high-performance Virtual Assistant or Virtual Business Manager? Look no further!
I provide Virtual Staffing Services with packages that will fit your business needs. I know the importance for clients to let go of mundane tasks they are drowning in so they can focus on thriving in their genius zone.

"Working with Otisa over the years has been such a great experience! As a member of the management team; I can personally attest to her professionalism as our Human Resources Manager. I have found her ability to listen and navigate through challenges with team members to be an incredible asset. Otisa has an ability to read a situation and help guide employees through issues that they may be having; even if it means providing them with tools and resources in their personal lives that can help the employee work through professional challenges. Otisa always makes her presence felt and provides a sense of calm and security to our workplace: her knowledge and heart-felt personality are characteristics that I will always admire."

Joe Milano
Director of Production at Serendipity Catering

“Otisa Eads has been the HR Manager at Serendipity for over three years. She is beyond competent and her communication skills are top-notch. I relied heavily on her to keep the HR Department running smoothly, job descriptions being documented, performance reviews happening - everything that keeps a company's employees producing at their top potential. I highly recommend her for anything HR-related!” 

Laura Zaspel
Owner of Serendipity Catering , Green Event Specialist, MEPM

"Otisa is so smart and so good at talking to clients she instantly made me a fan of hers after one conversation. She has become an invaluable and exciting asset to Discosapien and I’m stoked to see where she will take us over the long-term. Highly recommended. Work with Otisa, you will not be disappointed!”

Rex Buchanan
Owner of Discosapien

“Otisa has absolutely transformed how I run my business. She’s sharp, knowledgeable, and incredibly eager to help you implement systems that work for you. Her efficiency and problem-solving skills are next level!”

Ali Weeks
Owner of MoxieWritingCo

“Otisa is a highly talented professional who seeks to serve with excellence and integrity. She is easy to work with, she exudes a warm personality, and thinks outside of the box. She was giving me ideas I had not even thought of and that’s why I highly recommend her. Otisa is a true delight to work and know. “

Debby Sanden
Owner of Star DJ Agency

“Firstly, I will say I have enjoyed working with Otisa and really like her style and effectiveness!  The things Otisa did for me would never have happened without her!”

Wendy Wright LMFT
Financial Therapist, Certified Financial Recovery Counselor

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